Beatrice Bianchini

In Your Hands

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Klaus Hesse


In Your Hands is a room and sound installation. It is composed of a tunnel and a bathroom space. The main objective of the installation is to convey an experience of decision-making and information flow in our modern world. A corridor made out of hanging frosted shower curtains, leading to an ethereal room that is conceived as a shrine. Metaphorically, the corridor serves as the outer space: sounds connect us to diverse news fragments about current global risks we are facing, while the bathroom represents our inner space where we can access our thoughts and make responsible decisions.

Diplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries


What do radioactivity, the pandemic, and the climate crisis have in common? How are the next years envisioned? The switch from the Holocene to the Anthropocene Era around 1950 was due to the rise of nuclear power. Through the development of technologies, our lives are also becoming more vulnerable on planet Earth, which is growing increasingly more inhospitable. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is just one example of human vulnerability, a time in which we as humans need to carefully follow safety measures as we go about our lives. Additionally, humans live in places contaminated by radiation, causing millions of deaths every year due to respiratory diseases. Through these technologies, we cannot be biologically isolated, but can instead imagine as ourselves as part of a sea of life, as researched by the philosopher Emanuele Coccia. The global risks arising from the new Anthropocene Era are going to continue for a long period of time. Radioactivity will be present in Chernobyl for ten thousand years still, as will other long-term global risks, such as climate change. All we can do, is to prepare repeated messages for future generations to understand.


Born 1993 in Rimini/Italy



2007 bis 2012, Scientific High School in Rimini

2012 bis 2014, IUAV Venice, Industrial Design

2014 Erasmus Semester at HfG Gmuend, Communication Design

2016 BA Communication Design HfG Gmuend

2016 bis 2020, HfG Offenbach am Main

2018 Exchange Semester at Tong Ji Universityin Shanghai – DAAD Scolarship