Andreas Hildebrand

Peoples Link

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Peter Eckart


The project Peoples Link in Frankfurt am Main opens up the two social centres of the railway station district and the banks of the Main, by way of a direct connection 300 metres in length. The newly created transport space is divided into three areas: 1. the transit area, which primarily allows unimpeded progress for non-motorized traffic, especially pedestrians, 2. the bicycle lane, 3. the decelerated area, which provides targeted opportunities for social and voluntary activities of citizens. This project is focused on the key question: what image should a city convey in the future? A city that places the social and voluntary activities of its citizens at the centre of its spatial design not only gains opportunities for development, but is also more democratic.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann


My Diplom thesis examines the political aspects as well as the societal-regulating properties of the design of diverse objects, systems and processes. It can be seen in the beginning how the designer interacts with the world—a world that we as a society have designed ourselves and continue to design ourselves. While designing, every designer consciously or unconsciously takes a stance in regard to the social order. An artefact is determined by culture and it simultaneously determines culture. In the next section of the work, mobility systems of local public transport become the focus of attention. An analysis shows which moral values are necessary in the public system to meet the demands of a heterogeneous society.



2012 bis 2020, Design-Studium, HfG Offenbach

2018 IBDC-Award

2018 Auslandssemester, AUT – Auckland, Neuseeland

2017 Urlaubssemester: Neuseeland, Neukaledonien

2014 Vordiplom

2011 bis 2012, Informatikstudium Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

2011 Abitur (Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, Bad Vilbel)



2019 bis 2019, Praktikant für Szenografie, Atelier Brückner

2016 bis 2017, Tutor im Lehrgebiet Möbeldesign an der HfG Offenbach

2011 bis 2017, Werksstudent, Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

2013 Praktikant für kunsthandwerklichen Rahmenbau, Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt