Elisa Holzer


Diplom Praxis
Prof. Peter Eckart


The development of Liv was based on the idea of providing people who live in isolated living situations with limited mobility, the possibility to actively improve their independence and quality of life. Liv is a multidimensional training aid that enables people to participate in optimal health-orientated sport, therapeutic care and it equips people with customised training content. Liv combines new technologies and generates a personalised, needs-oriented and injury-free home training for each user, based on real-time data, motion tracking, and life feedback.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann


In my theoretical and practical aspects, my preliminary questions were related to the topic of age. In my theory I focused on the problem or phenomenon of generational conflict regarding differences in the level of acceptance and understanding of technology between different age cohorts. Thereafter, I concerned myself with the divergent rhythm of technological and socio-cultural processes of change and the position that design takes in this context.