Tim Besler

SHAIR — Mobilität der Zukunft

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner


The vision: The airship cannot be heard from the ground or from the capsule. For the observers, the aerodynamic bubble hovers silently and in majestic slowness about two to four metres above the Main. When the weather is really good, the gentle up and down movements of the thermals, as seen from the panoramic curtain, reveal a breathtaking panoramic view: The morning dew and the birds in the water are close enough to touch. Travellers describe the gentle gliding in open space as a mixture of diving and being on a ship that lightly follows the wind currents. Everything appears to stand still. The journey becomes an experience and is completely in harmony with nature. A new perspective on the world from above inspires and eases up.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann


My theoretical work concerns the degree to which developers of future products, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, should also convey moral and emotional values. Considering the conceptual relationships between AI assistants and the mediation of values in such a context, the aim is to examine in which form the mediation of values is justified. In this respect, the establishment of norms in terms of control and/or support for social coordination and cooperative processes also plays a role. With regard to companies, their culture and the mediation of values in their products, various procedures of collective decision-making— e.g. through discourse ethics—will be examined to determine which values are embodied in the norms for collective decision-making procedures within companies.



2009 bis 2020, HfG Offenbach, Diplom-Designer

2012 Vordiplom Design HfG Offenbach

2012 bis 2013, Audi UNIvers Projekt, HfG Offenbach / Prof. Frank Zebner

2012 bis 2013, Scuola Politecnica Milano

2012 bis 2013, Royal College of Art London

2012 bis 2013, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava

2012 bis 2013, Studentischer Tutor, Zeichnen für Fortgeschrittene, Designsketching, HfG Offenbach,



2012 bis 2018, Automotiv Designer, Impulse Forschungsgesellschaft Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Moskau, Shanghai

2015 bis 2019, Automotiv Lead Designer/Artdirector, Renner Produktgestaltung

2014 bis heute, Gründer und Designer, beslerberti Designbüro



SCHOTT ROBAX® Design Award Winner

2017 Award Zukunft, Good Design

2018 Iconic Award, Interior Innovation, Selection

2017 German Design Award, Special Mention

2016 IHK “Design-To-Business” Förderpreis Winner

2016 Borono Designwettbewerb, Winner

Hochschul-Gründungs-Wettbewerb Hessen Ideen, Nominee