Rafael Rico Berti


Diplom Praxis
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner


Cane-see is an aid with which visually impaired people can orientate themselves. Modern sensors ensure that direct surroundings, obstacles and user locations are recognised. The system increases free movement in daily life by way of two ultrasound output surfaces as well as through the device’s haptic feedback. For the blind, lack of vision can only be partially compensated by probing the surroundings with a conventional cane. The constant confrontation with hindrances repeatedly results in negative experiences for the users. Cane-see is intended to provide visually impaired people with a positive experience of confident movement. The users are shown paths instead of obstacles.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann


Already in antiquity, Aristotle defined the concept of truth as the result of reflection: A judgement is true when the mind— i.e. the judgement statement—and the matter are in agreement. In the theoretical part of my diploma thesis I examined various classical definitions of truth. However, what if we see realities as layers, as it seems to be the case today in times of fake news, as different layers of truth? Then it should be possible to shift and multiply the context of realities. Can reality be defined by quantification? And how will this affect our perception and our possibilities as designers in the future? My focus is on opening up new applications, chances and possibilities for designers.


2017 NWW Design Award, Shortlisted

2017 A’ DESIGN AWARD, Silver Winner

2017 DIA Design Intelligence Award, Expert Juror Nominee

2017 Schott Robax Design Award


2017 ICONIC AWARD – Interior Innovation – Selection

2017 German Design Award, Special Mention

2017 German Design Award Nominee

2017 Hochschul-Gründungs-Wettbewerb Hessen Ideen Nominee

2016 IHK “Design-To-Business”, Förderpreis Winner


2015 Full Scholarship – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

2015 Tongji Design Week 2015, Honored Participant