Sharon Cho


Diplom Praxis
Prof. Eike König


Polymood is a fictional mobile branding project focusing on the UI & UX design of an emotion diagnosis app. With the aid of infographics, the app demonstrates how users’ emotions behave over a particular duration of time and what factors and mood swings influence them. When selecting such spheres, an emphasis was placed on differentiating between professional and personal life. In so doing, the app allows users to divide their everyday life into different categories and situations, to separate from one another—and to structure the emotional chaos accordingly. Polymood helps users to become aware of the diversity of personalities and identities.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries


The theoretical part is mainly concerned with the question of how digital media and spiritual currents are connected. In respect to an increasing level of digitalisation in daily life, one could imagine that users of digital media think and behave more efficiently, or that enlightened individuals in a secularized, digital and high-tech age tend towards logical and responsible decision-making. It is, however, interesting and not entirely comprehensible that the demand for spiritual advice and guidance (such as through meditation training) is not declining, but growing. This insight has prompted the question of whether the search for spirituality is one of compensation for the modern endeavour, through digital means, to attain rationality or efficiency. It also considers to what extent people in the digital age are inspired by the concept of spirituality.


Geboren 1991 in Frankfurt am Main


2014 Sprudelhof Corporate Design Wettbewerb, 3. Platz

2016 HfG-Rundgangpreis für Kommunikationsdesign, (Zusammenarbeit mit Leonie Martin, Paul Pape, Vivien Stipanic)

2018 bis 2019, Praktikum bei Strichpunkt Design, Berlin

2019 Werkstudentin bei Strichpunkt Design, Berlin

2020 Diplom an der HfG Offenbach, Fachbereich Kunst bei Prof. Eike König und Prof. Dr. Marc Ries