Moritz Urban

the dream of the butterfly

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Gunter Reski/Prof. Heiner Blum


The lockdown in spring 2020 left me questioning my artistic work and classical presentation formats. Stuck at home, I found myself staring out of the window at a flat roof—a small island in the middle of the city, half-concealed between apartment buildings, a bunker, a church and two trees creating a green wall around the roof. Bats fly around its two brick towers at sunset. The roof can be seen from the surrounding houses and courtyards, which led me to the idea of a semi-public architectural intervention. All of a sudden, the thought of enlivening this magical place took precedence over all my previous plans. For days I dragged various objects about and observed their interaction with the site—much to the astonishment of people in my neighbourhood, who proved to be a welcome change from the typical art public. I sewed large objects out of old jumpers and sweatpants, clothes that are usually worn at home. Then I stretched them from tower to tower, positioned them on satellite dishes, or found other ways to ensure that they interacted with the peculiarities of the place. Inspired by the many comics I read during my childhood, I created forms that evoked wings and chains.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries


In my work I studied the power of political art. Since the beginning of the present day, artists have been able to work autonomously from state or church commissions. This meant that it has become possible to create art free of purpose and meaning. This independence can in itself be understood as political: where else in society can one do something that does not serve a purpose? Yet how can artistic creation be free of interests if artists are still financially dependent? It soon became apparent that not all art can match such a guarantee of freedom. Political art even sacrifices this sovereignty by committing itself to a purpose. In my practical work I sought to achieve autonomy in every respect.



2020 there is something on the roof / how to create a supervillain, OMA, Offenbach, gefördert von der hessischen Kulturstifung

2019 Amnesie ohne Alibi, Duoausstellung im Rahmen des Klaus Panzner Stipendiums, Amthofgalerie, Bad Camberg

2019 Entremets, Gruppenausstellung, Schloss Fasanerie, Fulda

2019 Ich war noch nie in der Schweiz, Gruppenausstellung, Xhibit, Wien

2019 beyond borders, silent green, Gruppenausstellung, gefördert von der ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Berlin

2019 Flying Saucer – outernationally known, Gruppenausstellung, Upper City Center, Offenbach

2018 the sky is maybe red, Gruppenausstellung, ASC 2018, Offenbach

2018 OMA, Kuration der ersten Gruppenausstellung im Offenbacher Museum für Alles, Offenbach

2017 Eine Spur der kurzen Unterbrechung, Gruppenausstellung, Klapperfeld, Frankfurt

2017 Young Love, Gruppenausstellung, Walter Passage, Offenbach

2017 Street Confessions, Einzelausstellung, The sweetest Living Room, Jerusalem

2017 Have you heard of Lifta?, Gruppenausstellung, Jerusalem

2016 Yalla – Jerusalem Wallpainting, soziales Gruppenwandmalprojekt, Jerusalem

2016 House of Weekend, Einzelausstellung, Salon 58, Gießen

2016 Blockadia*Tiefsee, Gruppenausstellung, Satellit, Berlin

2016 Eingang hinteres Treppenhaus, Gruppenausstellung, Geleitsstraße 103, Offenbach

2016 Festival der jungen Talente, Gruppenausstellung, Kunstverein Frankfurt

2016 Syntax Display, Gruppenausstellung, Zollamt Offenbach

2015 Nacht der Museen: 7 Köstlichkeiten, Gruppenausstellung, Zollamt Offenbach

2015 Junge Kunst mit Zukunft, Gruppenausstellung, Museum für angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt

2015 Opening the Archive Box Museum, Gruppenausstellung, Zürich

2015 Walllust, Gruppenausstellung, Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz, Berlin



2020 Arbeitsstipendium der hessischen Kulturstiftung

2019 Gewinner des Klaus-Panzner-Preises, Förderung durch ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius

2018 Finalist Phönix Kunstpreis

2016 Johannes-Mosbach-Stipendium



2018 bis heute, Teil der Freien Klasse*, hochschulübergreifende Gruppe, mit Fokus auf politische Themen/ Organisation von Workshops, Talks und ein Festival Anfang 2020

2014 bis 2016, Teil von Internet TBD, Interdisziplinäre Gruppe für Beobachtung kultureller Prozesse und, Diskussionen, Organisation von Talks, Symposien, Workshops und einem Messestand



2016 bis 2017, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem