Minh-Tai Nguyen

Farbe der Emotionen

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Gunter Reski


The practical part of my final Diplom project looks at the spheres of human emotions. The large-format works reflect the emotional ambiguity and inner confusion of the figures—between the colourful, humorous, grotesque and contrasting motifs. Particular emphasis is placed on the depiction of facial expressions and gestures, which stand out with their sweeping style and clear composition. Artists like Kees van Dongen, Grace Weaver, Nicole Eisenmann, René Gruau and Èrte as well as the nostalgic cartoons of the Fleischer Studios served as a source of inspiration for my work.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries


The theoretical work was developed separately to my practical project, despite existing intersections. I focused on the film A Single Man by Tom Ford, from 2009. The principal analysis was to decipher and interpret the stylistic devices employed to represent emotions in a film that is, in visual terms, rather sophisticated. The alteration of colour, time and perspective, but also the intense portrayal of interpersonal relationships played a key role in this process. A Single Man concerns the inner sense of conflict a hero experiences who decides to take his own life after the death of his long-time partner, and on his last day encounters other individuals whom he perceives in a rather intense manner.


Minh Tai Nguyen / Franc Minh Tai (Künstlername)



2011 Vordiplom, Performance

2012 bis 2013, AStA, Gremiumsmitglied an der HfG

2012 bis 2014, AStA, RMV-Referent an der HfG

2016 Diplomnebenfach, Illustration

2015 Praktikum in der Kostümschneiderei Jansen

2020 Diplom, Malerei



2013 Kunst bis zum Übergeben, Performance, Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse

2013 Kunst bis zum Übergeben, Performance, Günishtheater

2013 Big Show, Performance bei Mariola Brillowska, Afip – HfG Rundgang

2013 Der Klang, Performance, Afip – HfG Rundgang

2013 Der Klang, Performance, Fumetto Comic-Festival

2012 Best of Leon, Performance bei Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Sopot

2012 Das Schöne, Bunt, Performance, HfG Offenbach Rundgang

2011 Mein vereinigtes Universum, Performance bei Mariola Brillowska, Mousonturm Frankfurt

2010 Mein vereinigtes Universum, Performance bei Mariola Brillowska, Volkstheater Berlin



2020 Ima Clique Session, Malerei, Sound&Art Live Stream, Hotel 25 Hours

2020 Interventionen, Plakatausstellung im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt und Offenbach, Malerei

2020 Window Shopping, Malerei, Schaufenster Ausstellung Raum Offenbach

2018 Schwarzer Venus, Malerei, FBC Gebäude Frankfurt

2018 Frauen in Schwarz, Malerei, Lesecafé

2017 Frauen in Schwarz, Malerei, HfG-Rundgang

2016 bis 2017, Frauen in Schwarz, Malerei, Kaffeemacherei

2015 Ein Teil von mir, Malerei, Charity-Veranstaltungen Club Michel

2014 Der lakonische Zirkus, Kunstdruck, HfG-Rundgang

2013 Ein Teil von mir, Malerei, Charity-Veranstaltungen Weißfrauenkirche

2013 Quadrat, Druckgrafik, Fumetto Comic-Festival

2013 Systemfehler-Mensch, Malerei, HfG-Rundgang

2013 Eiszeit, Kunstdruck, Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse