Tina Schäfer


Diplom Praxis
Prof. Peter Eckart


My Diplom project looks at the issue of back pain and considers how it can be prevented effectively. After all, humans are not meant to sit for long periods of time and move in such restricted daily patterns. Research led me to an adaptable seating element that can be instantly mobilised and can enable stretching. The shape of FLEXI stimulates playful changes of position. By revolving the component, the following variations can be achieved: active sitting, rocking in sitting or standing, stretching and balance. FLEXI is suitable for regular stretching of the hip flexor and the chest. This training helps to stretch areas of the body shortened from sitting and improves fitness and body awareness.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp


The theory in my work concerned the topic of obsolescence and durability in product design. Society and consumer behaviour play a significant role here, as do industry, politics and design. I have considered both the future of design and the role of designers. The analysis is based on talks held by the designer Dieter Rams and on products with high visual durability: products of the writing instrument manufacturer Lamy as well as successful products of the Braun brand. Attention was largely focused on finding solutions as a task for society as a whole. The connection to practice is the search for good, durable design. This link can be found in every design.


Tina Nadine Schäfer



2014 bis 2020, Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main , Abschluss Diplom-Designerin

2003 bis 2012, Wolfgang-Ernst-Gymnasium Büdingen, Abschluss Abitur



2019 Praktikum Produktdesign Studio Wagner FFM

2018 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der HfG

2015 bis 2019, Servicekraft / Restaurant und Café

2014 handwerkliches Praktikum / Goldschmied / Schmuckdesign

2012 bis 2014, Ausbildung zur Kauffrau im Einzelhandel

2012 Praktikum im Bereich visuelles Marketing / Möbel



Fremdsprachen: Englisch / Französisch

PC: MicrosoftWord / Adobe Creative Suite / Rhino / Keyshot / Unity AR