Anton Viehl

Imparting Knowledge

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner


Imparting Knowledge is a virtual modular system for teachers and students in the form of a tablet application, created with the aim of bringing about a reassessment of education. The emphasis does not lie on a classic reproduction of verifiable knowledge, but rather on the promotion of interests, application-related knowledge, competences and key qualifications. The aim is to strengthen five key competences that children and young people need in order to shape a positive future. Each of the five key competences is subject to five further sub-areas which actively contribute to strengthening the respective proficiency.

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp


The theoretical side is concerned with the visible and non-visible factors of the entire road construction site system, their information content and communication as well as their impact on road users and their needs. After all, construction sites in road traffic always cause restrictions. This is the outcome of accompanying infrastructural limitations, which often come as a surprise and greatly restrict the daily life of those affected and therefore cause real annoyance. The intention of a construction site is actually the exact opposite though.


Geboren 1994 in Gießen



2020 Diplom Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main



2008 Ingenieurbüro Ohlsen, Grünberg

2012 Stadttheater Gießen

2015 Sauer Product

2017 MESO Digital Interiors



2019 bis heute, Selbstständig

2019 bis 2020, Stiftung Deutsches Design Museum

2017 bis 2019, MESO Digital Interiors

2015 bis 2017, Tutor Lehrgebiet Technische Produkte und Produktsysteme, HfG

2016 bis 2017, Plan B Engineering Solutions